Paleo Christmas Breakfast


One of the first things that signifies the start of Christmas morning is breakfast. This is usually the time when delicious smells are filing the house and everyone excitedly talks about what this magical day will bring. In many families, Christmas breakfast is almost as important as Christmas dinner. But making a wonderful Christmas breakfast for your family doesn't mean that you have to spend hours in the kitchen. In fact, there are many easy ways that you can make a wonderful meal for your loved ones, while minimizing your time in the kitchen.


Do you typically make some of your Christmas dinner on Christmas eve? If so, you can save some of your main ingredients to use on Christmas morning. For example if you are making a sweet potato casserole, leave some extra sweet potato on the side and serve your family eggs and sweet potato hash on Christmas morning.



You can also make some great paleo casseroles. For example you could do a sausage and leek casserole or a meat and vegetable quiche. Your loved ones will not only have a delicious breakfast, but this will also keep them full for hours.




Another option is to make paleo cranberry muffins. These will not just be a great addition to your Christmas breakfast, but you can also make a few extra so that your family has a snack to eat while you prepare Christmas dinner. Muffins are also an easy food to take on the road, making them a great choice if you are traveling on Christmas day.

Are you planning to make biscuits for your holiday dinner? Why not start early and give your family paleo biscuits for breakfast? Your family can have the option of traditional biscuits and gravy or a breakfast biscuit topped with eggs and sausage. And of course, simple biscuits with paleo jam make a great addition to any breakfast plate. There is also a bonus to making biscuits in the morning, you can make all of your batter at once and store part of it to use for Christmas dinner.

And let's be honest, you can't think of Christmas morning without thinking of pancakes.


To add some Christmas to this everyday breakfast, consider making paleo pumpkin pancakes. Not only are they delicious but pumpkin is a traditional holiday flavor. To make this even more exciting, you can grab some Christmas pancake molds, giving your kids a bit of Christmas magic when they see pancakes shaped like Santa, stockings, and Christmas trees.

These are just a few ways to make your Christmas breakfast memorable without overdoing yourself in the kitchen. It is a always a good idea to make more than you think you will need. After all, one of the greatest things about the day after Christmas is leftovers!

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