Paleo Holiday Appetizers


Getting ready for the holidays is both exciting and stressful. It is exciting because this is the one time of the year when families and friends come together and focus on celebrating the relationships that matter most to them. On the other hand it is stressful because it is the one time of the year when you come together with family and friends and feed them.

When most people think about Christmas, they think about Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings.

But make no mistake, you can have a wonderful Christmas gathering without the stress of planning, preparing, and cooking a big dinner. When done right, having some light foods on hand for your gathering can give your guests the luxury of Christmas comfort foods while saving you from hours of planning, preparing and cooking a large dinner.


An easy holiday snack is spiced nuts. While many recipes for spiced nuts can be considered paleo, not all of them fall into the paleo lifestyle. So you want to look at your recipe closely. Throwing some nuts together with your favorite seasonings and cooking them up with some olive oil is all it takes to make a snack your guests will love. Spiced nuts also make a great holiday food gift because they are easy to make and you don't have to worry about them spoiling.


One of the greatest things about eating paleo is that, more often than not, you can make some easy changes to your recipes so that you can have a healthier version of the foods that you already love. Your holiday appetizers are no different. For instance, how about dazzling your guests with some baked coconut shrimp and pineapple dipping sauce? Sure, you may have to change a few ingredients (substituting them for healthier ones), but that should be a snap. After all, the main ingredients, shrimp, coconut, and pineapple, are all paleo. You can also make coconut soup with a side of shrimp.


If you are looking for a bit of a heartier appetizer, salmon cakes would be a great choice. Not only are salmon cakes paleo, but they are also enough to fill the stomachs of hungry guests. If you really want to impress your guests you can find a creamy paleo sauce recipe to drizzle over the salmon cakes. You can also make a salmon with cheese and cracker.


salmon appetizer

And because you can turn almost anything into a paleo food, you can always have the traditional appetizers like chips and cheese sitting out for your guests. Simply find a paleo chip recipe and substitute the cheese for paleo cream cheese. Your guests will love it and you will not have to compromise your paleo eating.


The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation. Don't let the frustration of hosting a holiday party take away from your time to enjoy being with your loved ones. Most importantly, remember that the holidays don't have to compromise your paleo eating. Creating paleo appetizers may take some planning and creativity but it can be done.


What are some of your favorite appetizers? Leave a message and let us know.

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