Benefits of Clean Eating

Everyone knows that they must eat to live, however, these days the food choices we make are having the opposite effect. Due to the huge amounts of overly refined, highly processed foods we consume, we are suffering terribly from diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension just to name a few.
What Does It Mean to "Eat Clean?"
People who choose to eat clean  make an effort to select healthy, unprocessed whole foods. Although the phrase "eat clean" may be very popular and always showing up online and in our  social media feeds, it is a simple concept. Those following this lifestyle eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. Most importantly, we avoid processed and overly refined food.
A clean food program allows for a very flexible, easy going lifestyle because unlike many restrictive, fad diets, clean eating can easily be added into anyone's normal daily activity.
In fact, clean eating has a rather high success rate because the amount of food eaten is not limited; however, people often have trouble initially with the lack of artificial ingredients in regards to taste.
We choose to eat clean for a number of reasons. We like the increased energy, improved strength, weight loss, more confidence and a longer life.
How Do You Eat Clean?
With clean eating, the best foods from each food category are selected. Eat more fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean meats and “good for you” fats and stay away from or only moderately eat sugar, salt and bad fats.
Choose foods and meals with simple ingredients and ones you can pronounce. Meal planning is a must. Here is a  Month Calendar with meals planned and  with a blank calendar to help get you started.
Menu Plan_Page_1
You can click on picture to download as well.
You never want to be tempted to grab some junk food because you forgot your lunch. Remember to drink more water and limit alcohol so that your body is able to flush out all  harmful toxins and stay well hydrated.
Another "big" problem in modern times is not only the kind of foods eaten, but the size of the portions as well. Before a healthy lifestyle can take place, certain changes have to be made, and reducing food portions is vital.
Clean eating involves consuming lots of natural, fresh foods while watching how large the portion sizes are at meal time. Taking time to think about and plan meals at home helps reduce the urge to quickly grab some junk food. By reducing or totally eliminating processed foods from the daily diet, nasty chemicals are reduced and removed from the body resulting in a healthier, more energetic life.
Another step is to have a daily tracker for the first 30 days. I have one that is located here or you can send me an email for my 30 days tracker with food recipes.

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