August, a month of getting prepared


August is generally the month when everyone starts or is finishing up back to school shopping.

As for us, we  start August as a 30 days whole foods only and lots of exercise month. We are preparing our selves for the winter ahead, buy making sure our bodies are prepared for fall and winter.

One of the ways we can do this is by walking. Whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. Walking is great exercise, gets you out in nature and can be done in your neighborhood or a local park.


Benefits of walking:

  • Walking helps reduce hypertension and control diabetes.
  • Helps maintain healthy joints
  • Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and other joint diseases.
  • Improves your metabolism to effectively burn calories.
  • Reduces stress and helps you relax
  • Provides an opportunity to work out with friends.

These are just some of the benefits. Starting one habit for the next month will help you keep that habit for the rest of your life.

Unsure of the proper way to walk? Try this:

Everyone walks around during the day from here to there, carrying things and pretty much ignoring how they walk. Knowing the best way to carry yourself when walking to lose weight will help you see the best results. When you walk, keep your shoulders back and don't slouch. Hold your head up high and be alert to what's going on around you. Try to walk with your stomach muscles sucked it to help tone your abs.

Unsure of the right shoes to wear when you walk? Try this:

Before starting on your new walking for weight loss and fitness adventure, you must have the proper walking shoes. Your shoes must not only look good; they must fit well too. Look for shoes that are the right size with excellent cushioning and support, are flexible and foot conforming.

You can now see how walking to lose weight is a viable and simple solution that anyone can do. Remember to wear the right shoes, watch your posture and drink plenty of water and most of all just get outside and walk, the results will delight you..


This is just to get you started. We are still improving our healthy life every day. Mess up one day? DON’T STOP! get back up and do it again. failure will happen, but keeping at it will help you not to fail.


What is your favorite time of day to walk and where? I’d love to hear from you.

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