If you’re blameless, Cast the first stone



This week has been nuts. I mean more so the world is nuts.

Moms, dads, parents are almost always on the hook for something. Let your kids walk to the park the next block, you are negligent. Let your kids play in your yard and you in the house, you are negligent. Too much of a helicopter parent, it’s your fault kids are so needy, or a whiny today.

See a trend here?

No matter what we do, someone, somewhere is going to find an issue.

I have 3 boys. they have all at one point or another done something in my line of view and outside my line of view. Am I a bad parent? Am I negligent because they got hurt,  had stitches or staples?

I’m not saying that things could have been different at the zoo. What I am saying is that one mistake doesn’t make you a bad parent. Not taking your kids to the zoo because this might happen is not the right response. Calling for these parents to be jailed is not the right response. yes it was a tragic accident.

If you want to haul these parents off to jail or what not, make sure that you as a parent have never let ANYTHING bad happen to your child.

If you can do that then cast the first stone. Otherwise find a solution to ensure that this tragedy doesn’t happen again.

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