Maintain a Healthy Eating Habit



As we try hard to implement a healthy eating lifestyle, sometimes you have to switch things up a bit. You have to make it fun and less boring.

Enter the Healthy Eating Bookmark.


healthy Eating bookmarks

Click here or on the picture to print.

For every book mark checked off, the kids earn a ticket. Tickets to purchase either small items like crayons, coloring books, or they can save up to earn bigger items, new books, Legos.

Now I realize this doesn’t work for everyone, but with Summer coming, I want to ensure we are staying on top of our healthy lifestyle.

I’ve al;so done a Clean Eating Menu to hopefully help during the summer.




Clean eating menu pic

Found in the online office templates and customized it.

Click picture to open and print.


With us being a the Park or Waterpark mostly this summer our Breakfasts and lunches will be generally the same.


I hope you can make one small change in your eating to continue being the healthiest you that you want to be.


I made this picture to keep on my fridge to help me remember to RISE.

Reduce, Increase, Substitute and Eliminate.

RISEFour separate verbs to a healthy eating strategy

Click to print



Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Any questions, comments, or thoughts, please let me know.

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