Just a rant about Verizon.



While I’m not generally one to complain a lot, I do complain about wrongs when they are done.

I just got off the phone with Verizon. We’ve been with them for years, at least 10. That's a seriously long time. However, it doesn’t matter to them. They don’t take their customers complaints or issue seriously. When we upgraded our contract and made changes, their response was your bill will be lower and you will have no troubles. Well since the end of last year beginning of this year, we have had nothing but issues with their “new” contract concept.


If you have a phone that isn’t on a phone contract, you will be charged $40.00 not the $20.00 the rest of the lines are being charged because the rest of the lines also have phone contracts. So they are roughly getting $0-$50 from each line. Their solution to erase the $40.00 charge is to take and swap the phone lines, call all your contacts and explain what happened. Instead of making the switch in their system.


Please tell me that your seriously not saying it is better to call over 500 contacts, tell them that Verizon couldn't be bothered to changed the contract in their system and so I had to change my phone number.


Here’s why they do this, they know you won’t go change the number it’s too much of a hassle and so you are paying them the money they want.

So I asked for a copy of the phone call and was told, sorry it isn’t possible it is only for training purposes. If you say you don’t want the call recorded, they won’t talk to you. Hmmm, how do you expect me to trust you?


I can say that without a doubt, once this contract is done, I'm done with Verizon. I’ll go to pay as you go phones. It’s just easier at least I won’t be getting charged for stuff that can easily be changed with the click of a mouse and push of a button.


In the last 6 months or so, we’ve had nothing but major issues with Verizon and their unwillingness to help rectify their mistakes. it is no wonder that so many people we know have been leaving Verizon and going to other companies or to pay as you go.

You would l\think that they would like to keep their long time customers, that isn’t the case and with so many thinking that Verizon is the best, they don’t care.

Such a shame that Verizon lost who they were to who they have become now. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as this is how our world is becoming now.

thanks for listening if you have stayed this long.

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