June already



Where did Spring go?

I look and it is June already man time just seems to be flying and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for things to be moving so fast.

Maybe we need to take a minute and just breathe. It won’t be possible for us just yet.

Our month of June seems to be crazy busy!

This weekend we have a competition, Hoosier Open, we’re off for a weekend, but we will be camping. Yeah! i love spending time with my kids and being outdoors.

Then we have Grappling Games, Then Zombie Apocalypse. Who comes up with these names.

Whew so much for slowing down and taking a break. Guess that is what we can do during the week. Just take some time to enjoy the weather, get out ride a bike, go to the waterpark, the beach, the zoo.

Just Be.


What are your plans for the week? The Summer? Anything exciting?

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