My choices, My journey



Every day I get up and I wonder, Am I doing the right thing? Am I making good choices? Am I making wrong choices?

Sometimes, like today I feel as if I think to much. There are so many people saying this is right, this is wrong, you wonder how they can all feel the way they do.

Today I know that having cereal is NOT going to hurt my journey. Now if I continued to have it every day 365 days, then yes, it just might hurt my journey. but I know that I am going to enjoy this bowl and have a wonderful feeling from eating it. I won’t feel guilty for my choice, because I know that it is one day. Toda I chose to have it and that is okay.

We eat clean 80% of the time. This bowl of cereal falls into the 20%.

I tell you this because your journey is what you make of it. It is about every choice you do or don’t make today, tomorrow and in the future.

I also know that with this breakfast choice, I might have to be a little more tunes in to the other things I eat today so as not to go crazy with sugars, carbs and what not.


I REFUSE to let my journey be defined by food. I LOVE food. I want to enjoy the food I eat.

I tell you this because this is me it is who I am. I’m a food loving, working towards healthy beautiful lady.


I continue to work on me every day despite what others say I can or cannot do. I BELIEVE in myself.

You should believe in yourself too. You are worth it.


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