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Good Morning April!

The weather here in the Midwest is so crazy. It is a bit damp from the crazy storm that rolled through here yesterday. But all in all it’s not so bad.

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We all have favorite items we like/love. Mine may be different than yours and yours will probably be different than the next person who reads this. That is totally okay. It gives us an opportunity to see what other people like and maybe try something new out.


My first favorite thing are these containers from Pakkon.

Pakkon is great for my Sundays when I am meal prepping. I have two sets. one for hubby and one for myself. They are also great for the boys when we are at the dojo for a period of time. .I can send a protein box, a veggie box or even a small meal.


The next item is my Fitbit Blaze!



Oh man I LOVE this thing! I love the exercises, the heartrate count, the pedometer. It even sinks with my Samsung Note 5. I can keep track of everything. I’ve also paired with with MyFitnessPal ( which happens to be my next thing.

You can log in on the computer at



On the home page, there is all your information. How many calories for the day, how much weight you’ve lost.


The Food log is so easy as well. You just type in the food you had, the amount, and click add. The system computes everything for you.


The app is just as easy to use. You can find the app in both, Itunes and Good Play.


What are your favorites? I would love to hear them. leave a comment and let me know.

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