Keeping on this Journey of Life

Lose it For Life has been a good book so far. You know when God has placed something impacting in your life, when you can’t hardly put the book down.
I LOVE that they start off with GRACE. Grace is so important for everyone! We aren’t perfect. We are human and have the ability to mess up. Grace gives us the chance to reboot, restart re-whatever….
As I am starting this journey of continuing health, I found these 10 positives to be helpful.
10 positive reasons to begin this journey with me
I also found that their take on GRACE is refreshing and accurate.
When we I fail, and believe me I will, Grace is there to say, “ Don’t worry, I am with you and we can start over. Lean on Me, not in your own strength. I am strong where you are weak.”
Like hit me over the head I don’t have to do this alone. But even more than that, I have an entire group of strong, supportive and blessed group cheering me on.
My Tribe as they are called is such a blessing to me. They motivate me in ways I never thought possible.
I eat chocolate, I eat pizza, I LOVE food. But I also know that I need to plan for foods that could potentially harm the good I’m trying to do in my life.
Come walk this journey with me. Learn how I manage my journey.
You don’t have anything to lose.. or do you?

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