Keeping Healthy This Week

Listen you guys, I get it.. 

Here we are the week of Christmas and no one really wants to think of eating healthy. However, now Ii s when we need to keep at it and stay strong. It doesn’t mean you can have a taste of those oh so delicious Snowball Cookies, or the Egg Nog  or any of the other special Christmas treats that are floating your way.
What we can do is find ways to not sabotage yourself. This is when it really counts. Here are some ways to help stay the course this week.

1. Drink 1-2 glassed of water before you eat.

2. Brush your teeth after meals.

3. Chew gum. And keep some everywhere!

4. Keep mouthwash in your purse.

5. Tape-up your favorite saying or verses in the pantry or areas of weakness.

6. Set out your food and hide treats or ask you spouse to put them out of reach.

7. Pre-portion your food in containers so you aren't tempted to overeat.

8. Buy extra measuring utensils so you aren't tempted to guess.

9. Stock up on low calorie staples like mustard, olive oil spray and spices.

10. Close the kitchen after your last meal. Turn off the lights and VOW to not go back in…for anything

If you forget one or two, not a big deal, but don’t give up because you had one bad day. Keep moving forward. 

Learn to love the 80/20 rule.  If you are going to attend your office and family parties and plan on eating and drinking whatever  you want, that means you need to be incredibly diligent in your normal days. No more, “okay just one” which leads to four or five.  Instead, aim for great week days – eat great breakfasts before work, bring your lunch in, and cook a great dinner.  Then, on weekends or holiday parties, eat what’s available.
Eliminate the term “cheat day” or “cheat meal”.  “Cheat” implies that you’re doing something wrong or immoral and should thus feel ashamed afterward, which I don’t think is true. Eating great 80% of the time and eating what I’m in the mood for during the other 20% allows me to feel good, look good, and have fun.
Now, after that “whatever” meal is done, I immediately go back to my normal healthy eating schedule – not because I was cheating or because I felt guilty, but because that’s just how I operate.  

Be smart.
  • Bring something healthy – If you know you’re headed to a party with a bunch of unhealthy foods, BRING something healthy.  And healthy doesn’t = sucky
  • Be okay with being the weird healthy one.  It’s okay to say no to cake, you know.  Use the age old “sorry, I’m allergic” if you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feeling, or “I just ate, I’ll have some later!” If you’re trying to be strict with your decision making, you can be crafty in how you avoid eating really unhealthy foods.
  • Choose your alcoholic beverages carefully – It can be the difference between a handful of calories and a few hundred calories, which adds up significantly when multiplied by half a dozen cocktails throughout the evening.  Alternate a glass of water and a drink.  Sure, the drinking is unhealthy, but more often than not it’s the 1,000+ calories you eat while drunk that lead to the weight gain.
  • Be awesome the next day – don’t let one night ruin your six weeks. After all, eating at the party was all part of the plan, right? Check in with your support team.  Eat great. Be awesome.
      One of the ways I am keeping myself in check is to be a part of the Beachbody Challenge. You can find more information by going here.

        Try the 21 Day Fix

        Try the Power Half Hour

        Don’t make excuses. Make time.

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