Journey to Florida



What a week.We are so close to the end of our stay.It was such an amazing time. We spent time in Clearwater Beach,Florida soaking up some rays. Poor Hubby, he got a bit burnt. Guess that happens when you live in doors for most of the day.



I absolutely loved that someone took time to make a sand mermaid.

The boys loved it. They had such a blast playing in the sand and the water. I’m glad there is no fear of the water.


The one thing I did this time around, I got out from behind the camera and played with the boys. What is the point of striving to be healthy if I don’t follow my plan. The one where I am on this journey so I can play with my kids. Which is what I did, and why I don’t have many pictures. I am totally okay with that as well. I got to enjoy a different side of myself and the boys.


We’ve stayed at some wonderful places while on our vacation.I’m thankful for and the ability to search for a decent hotel.

What else do you do at the hotel when its beautiful out, you play in their awesome pool.


We did find that in Florida there are HEFTY hotel fees. Some as much as half of the stay. Yikes! Good thing we don’t travel here often.


The people here are mostly laid back, enjoy being outside and why not the weather is amazing. It was in the middle seventies and eighties all week.



I’m going to be sad when we leave and head back to cold weather.


All in all we have had an awesome vacation, one that was needed for both of us.


It is back to the grind once we get home. Lots of laundry to do from vacation.  Blurg..


What is your least favorite part about coming home from vacation?

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