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Lately I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook asking, “how much do you spend on your kids for Christmas?”

I suppose with Black Friday being next week, people are getting Christmas gifts and ideas in line.

We have been incredibly blessed to have grandparents who are GREAT at getting awesome deals on big ticket items. With that, we haven’t had to spend a great deal of money. We usually buy each child one or two extra gifts.

We also don’t put an emphasis on the gifts. We don’t open any of our gifts until after we have Christmas Lunch/Dinner, we typically eat around 12:30pm. While this works for my family it may not work for yours. We don't have gifts from Santa, so it’s never been an issue about opening gifts first thing.

We spend quality time with each other, then open gifts. The boys can’t leave until everyone had opened their gift.

We spend  $50 for each set of grandparents. About $40 for Granny and about $20 for Aunt Pearl.


Last year we received a new TV from my brother in law, so we gifted ours to Uncle Mike and Aunt Mona.

We aren’t frugal because we have to be or want to be, we just have decided this is more important than being with our family. Alex and I don’t usually buy each other gifts. Though the boys will usually get him a $5 t-shirt. This year we may go with a BJJ shirt. Something like this:



This may be an option since Hubs like to read.


This year is a bit harder for the boys as Star Wars comes out and we have a HUGE fan! I know that he will be content in any gift, but we might just get some Star Wars Legos to help ease their Star Wars addiction.

We have been looking at some of these:



How do you celebrate Christmas?

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