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Lately we’ve been dealing with a lot of fear. Fear that I cannot control or remove. Mostly it is Caleb and the things he fears are things I cannot help him with, only God can.

So we’ve been underlining and reading scriptures at night to help him. He has been sleeping with my bible under his pillow and a flashlight to read with.

I wonder if it is the season we are in that causes the fears. Is satan working overtime because he knows our time here is short? Or is he attacking a child because he cannot move me another way?

Either way, we are fighting back and in doing so we are learning more scripture.
Which in turn keeps satan further at bay.

I’ve taken the scriptures we’ve memorized so far and put them into this handy printable in case you want to download, print and cut them out.  Click the picture to print them.


fear verses

I’ve started putting them all over the house. You can too and it will serve as a reminder that in this world we have never been alone. We have God on our side to fight our battles.


What verses do you speak when you are having a bad day? Share them with me. I’d love to learn some new ones.

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