Today, I’m gonna play



Dear Momma,

When you come back to this day don’t remember the loads of laundry on the floor or the ones that need to be folded. Don’t remember the dishes in the sink to clean and the ones to put away. The dust that needs dusting, the floor that needs sweeping.

Remember the look in your child's eye when you stopped what you were doing and said, “Okay, Let’s go play.” Don’t worry about snapping the right picture, just be in the moment and play. Don't worry about how messy or sweaty or stinky or wet you may get, just play.

Just sit back and let the laughter come from you and just play!

All too often I think as parents, especially mommas, we forget that we need to play too. We need to interact with our kids, talk to our kids, tickle our kids, or just hold our kids.

. Yes that may mean my house is dirty, but ya know what? I really don’t care.

I really don't care because my child has a spark in his eye I haven’t seen in a while. He laughed when I splashed him. He giggled when I hugged him and tickled him.

We need to be our kids first and last face they see. That doesn’t mean we won’t have to work or do other things. We just need to show them they are important.

Momma, the next time you see your child playing in the yard, drop what you’re doing and go play for an hour. Your messes will still be there when you are done.


Today Lord, I ask for grace and mercy and love to pour out on those mommas who need it today. I ask that you give daddy’s the love they need to encourage their kids in whatever they do.

Thank you for being a compassionate Father.


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