5k- I did it



I’ve learned some things this weekend.


I can do anything I put in my path. (click to tweet)

I can live healthy, be healthy and have fun. (click to tweet)

I can do anything I want.

I have the best friends.

I did a Bubble Run 5k this past weekend and boy am I proud of the accomplishment! Never in a heartbeat did I think I would ever do one. EVER.



I am not a runner nor a fast walker. But I did this 5k. I did it for me! To prove to myself that no matter what my life may look like, I’ve come farther than I was before.

I’m not a size 12 or a size 2 for that matter. I am perfectly okay with that. I will get there one day with hard work, dedication, healthy habits and an awesome support group.

I don’t eat organic, because to me that doesn’t matter. I just eat healthy foods. The number on the scale doesn’t tell me how happy or healthy I am. The way my clothes fit tells me how healthy I am. The face that I get up every day and don't hurt tells me I’m healthy. I exercise every day, but I LOVE it! I LOVE doing martial arts. I love my Boot Camp Class.

What I do every day is now habit, not a have to.

If I can do it, anyone can. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a magic pill. It was dedication and a drive to be better than I was when I started.

If someone would have told me that in 2013 I would love martial arts and do a 5k, I would have laughed in their face. But look at me now, laughing and having fun in a 5k!

Our lives are what we choose to make of them. I could be jealous of those around me, but why? They aren’t me and that doesn’t help me.  I choose to make myself better, I choose to be happy.


I choose to live another day for my kids, my family and most importantly myself.


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