Busy times, learning times



Man this week is flying by. We have been trying to finish up last minute books, math, reading. Hoping to be all done by next Wednesday so we can enjoy our summer break this year.


The boys will continue to read and do math, but for the most part, I think we’ll take a break. We’ll see. It may just depend on what comes up and strikes my fancy.


We’ve stuck to our eating habits, the boys have started TKD Sparring.


boys sparring


Our boys have really learned a lot from the sparring class and from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They have learned to calm themselves before responding. They have learned that fists hurt and are not to be used first.


Overall we are doing well in our Martial Arts. Alex and I have been enjoying our Adult classes as well.

Awesomearmbar Seriously look at that armbar!

over40 class

Who says us old folks can’t have fun and learn BJJ! Such a great group of people.

Take the time everyday to ask yourself, am I working hard to improve my life. If not, get out and go for a walk, find someone to work with you. We aren’t but here for a short time, make it count.

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