My Monday, but its really Tuesday Meal Plan



Well I would have had this post up yesterday, but I just wasn’t feeling well and I didn’t pre-schedule because it was Easter weekend and I would honestly rather be with my family than here on the computer.

I also had a tooth pulled yesterday so our meals this week will be a bit on the softer side.

Yesterday I ate nothing and the kids and hubby had frozen pizzas.


Here is what’s on the menu for this week


Overnight oats, breakfast cookies for kids, muffins and pancakes


Sweet potatoes w/cinnamon, Avocado and tomatoes sandwich, Chicken salad


Balsamic Chicken with Quinoa salad, Sweet and Sour Pork Kabobs, Bean and Beef Burritos, Chicken fettuccini



Do you meal plan? How? Leave me a message with the way you meal plan and your favorite meal.

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