Spring Reading



As we’ve been going about our week and school days, I’m trying to incorporate books more. I want the boys to share my love of reading.

I’ve put together a list of books that we will start to read this next coming months. This list can and probably will change with their interests. But right now, this is where we are starting.



Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon                                                               Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series


We will start with the Minnie and Moo books first, unless the boys change their minds. They are known to do that.


I want to introduce them to a more rounded type of reading. Most of our reading has been Lego Ninjago, Star Wars,  and Comic books. We are a small collection and those seem to be a big hit.


I just want a variety. We will see if Mom wins out on this one. Sometimes, you just have to pick your battles.


What are you reading for fun with your kids?


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