My Easter Basket Idea for the Boys


Spring is coming and so is Easter.

While we don’t celebrate the Easter Bunny, or have the “Easter Bunny” bring baskets, we do get our boys something from us.

This year I want to do something fun and different.

I think we are going to do a small basket with a few trinkets, but mostly stuff they will use and like.



                     Great to use when we are hiking, biking around the neighborhood. Get them to use their navigation skills.



                    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles~

                       My boys LOVE this show. We watched the very first one from the 90’s and the newest one.

                                   It’s fun to see things through their eyes.




This is a very important staple in our home! The boys are constantly building stuff.


Lego Idea Book~

If your kids love Legos like mine, this would be an awesome addition to the Easter basket.



Yes I know, but my kids LOVE funky socks. And what is the harm. They will get used.


While our interests may be different than yours, you can always find a fun way to share a basket with your kids.


Enjoy your day and may you bless someone without expecting anything in return.


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