Life isn’t always Neat



So I’m reading this book and I find that I may have a slightly OCD personality. Not too bad, but enough that I know certain things can drive me nuts.

For example, we are leaving Tuesday for a mini vacation with my Mother In law. I’m not packed. Why you may ask or not either way I’m going to show you.

cat on bag

This lovely animal of mine won’t get off the bag.

Every time I shoo him away he comes back. It’s like he knows or something.


I’m a bit stressed out about not being ready. My clothes are on the back of the couch. Some are going with, some just need to be put away.

couch mess


We are still doing school even though we are getting ready for vacation and will also be working on school work while we are gone. Learning never really stops.

working on some school apps

Doing some apps on the Kindle for school.

My dishes are still in the sink. I need to put away the clean ones and do the dirty ones. One day I’ll have a dishwasher, but for now, hand washing is pretty cool.

more dishes

I don’t really have it all together as much as I like, but I suppose that is okay. It shows that I’m not perfect, I have flaws and even though I LIVE by my calendar, things can still get away from me when I let them.

Yes I’ve let this get away from me. I’ve not stuck to my schedule and have caused my own stress and now I have to get back on track before it makes me cranky and crazy.


How do you handle when your schedule doesn’t stay on track?


Love and Grace for today,


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