Finding the "I like" in my Everyday

Life is full of ups, downs, hallelujahs  and Oh my did that really happens.
It is in how we treat each one of those things that shows our character. Even if we detest doing something, {like say going to the dentist perhaps}, making the appointment and going, shows character about yourself and to your children who are watching everything I do.
Yes this recently happened. I HATE and yes it is a strong word, but the truth here none the less, going to the dentist. I am not fond of the pokes prods, cleaning, the fluoride and the smells even of the dentist. All of which I made known while my children were sitting next to me.
As I was bemoaning and complaining, I suddenly stopped and looked at the three boys looking at me with big eyes. I knew right then and there, I was in the wrong. If I want my boys to have good character and good feelings about anything, I need to show them. Complaining about how I hate the dentist isn’t going to want them to go when the time comes. Shoot they already dislike the doctor and part of that is my fault. I dislike the doctor.
It is all in our perception of how we see and treat things. If we a person who needs help, but we refuse to go because they smell, what does that say about our character? How will our children perceive the situation? What we do and say will have a longer impression than anything else.
I encourage you today to stop finding the “I hates” and start looking for the “ I like” {click here to tweet this}
I like that the dentist I am going to is going to help me feel better. That she took my needs, fears and helped me to see through them. She worked with me.

If we can do this with any situation we find ourselves in, wouldn’t this world be a better place? Wouldn’t we be/feel better?

Grace and Love for Today,

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