40 days of Fasting


This week was ‘Fat Tuesday” and “Ash Wednesday”.

I had NO IDEA what these two days meant. Oddly enough hubby knew what they were, but his definitions weren’t all that informative.  Therefore, I went digging.

One thing I’ve learned is that this is mostly a Catholic thing. Not all Christians have Fat Tuesday,Shrove Tuesday or Ash Wednesday. {Pentecostals do not have these}

Fat Tuesday is a day to eat up all the sugar, eggs, dairy in your home. Hence Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday {though they mostly eat pancakes, where some eat Pączki as my hubby did when he was a kid.

We have all these celebrations, but I really wonder if anyone truly knows what they are celebrating?

Jesus went into the wilderness for forty days and he fasted. I suppose this would be where Lent comes from. Why it starts on Wednesday and Ends on Easter. Actually I don’t understand why it starts on Wednesday but that is neither here nor there.

What I want to know is why people have become so ritualistic with it? are they truly fasting as Jesus did? Probably not otherwise I’m sure our world would be a better place. If we were truly fasting, we would be so focused on God, we wouldn’t worry about the food. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be hungry, just that God would provide. Fasting isn’t necessarily about food either.

It could be fasting the things that take most of your time {outside of working to provide for your family} Television, internet, games, materialistic things that take the focus from God. Clearing your calendar of stuff and filling that time in with God and prayer is what fasting can mean to some.

I don’t follow Lent or any of the other stuff, but I heard so much about it, that I had to see what the fuss was. And it makes me sad about what I have seen and found. It hurts to see that what was meant for good is now just another way to drink, be merry and stuff yourself.

Here are some things that you could do during this time to strengthen your bond with Christ.

10. Try an electronic fast. Give up TV, Guitar Hero, texting, tweeeting, e-mail and all things electronic for one day every week. (or everyday of Lent!) Use the time to read & pray.

9. Start a prayer rhythm. Say a prayer every time you brush your teeth, hear an ambulance, or check your e-mail. Before you text someone, pray for them.

8. Read one chapter in the Bible each day. (Matthew's a good book to start with. Psalms, too.)

7. Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it (maybe even yourself.)

6. Give up soft drinks, fast food, tea or coffee. Give the money you save to help folks in crisis.

5. Create a daily quiet time. Spend 30 minutes a day in silence and prayer.

4. Cultivate a life of gratitude. Write someone a thank you letter each week and be aware of how many people have helped you along the way.

3. Be kind to someone each day.

2. Pray for others you see as you walk to and from classes or drive to and from work.

1. Go to church and live for Christ.


We all aren’t the same, but I’m sure we all have similar goals. Won’t you take this time to get closer to God? See where He leads you next.

Grace and Love for today,


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