Just Enough for Us



This holiday season, I’m learning patience, acceptance, meagerness, living plainly. I say that because for the first time really,we have very little money. Our boys are getting 2 toys and a shirt from us. That is it. Ya know, I’m okay with it.


I’m learning that just by being together, creating Minecraft ornaments {idea from  for the tree in the boys room, making cookies, that it is okay. We don’t have to spend a lot to actually get a lot. I have a home that I can share with my family and extended family.

We have always had a budget. Most times we stick really really close to budget, at times we go over. This month our budget must stretch into January. Instead of 4 weeks, we have to stretch to almost 6 weeks.It is a good thing we have a fully stocked pantry and a fully stocked freezer. Sure we will have to buy staples bread, milk, peanut butter, fruit and vegetables. That won’t break us { well unless my boys continue to grow crazily}.

I’m okay with having to know where I can and can’t spend. To say I’m sorry we can’t do that. To know we don’t have it and that it is okay. We don’t have to please anyone or do everything.

My Christmas is full because I allow it to be full and happy. I don’t let it overwhelm and consume me. We have enough. We are enough.

So don’t mind the homemade cards, or the funny looking boys tree. Don’t mind the mess we have made having fun. But please, come join us in the fun of just being together, eating, laughing and making memories.

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