A Few of Our Christmas Ideas

16 days

Yes you really read that right. That is how many days until Christmas!
Are you all done shopping? I think we are, but honestly it’s been busy here and I can’t remember. I should probably put it on my To-Do List to ask Hubby about it.
There are so many things and stuff I want to get the boys, but we are learning to curb the want want want attitude.
The boys get gifts from my parents, my in-laws, granny and Aunt Pearl. Usually Granny and aunt Pearl get small gifts, coloring books, candy things that are appreciated but still small.
The boys are so into Legos that it has sort of overtaken the mats in the basement. It’s okay until you step on one.
My parents are getting them The following Legos.
  Lego City Monster Truck Transporter.                                           Ninjago The Golden Dragon

They are also getting a Disney Pictionary Board Game. The boys LOVE to draw and have you guess so this will be perfect.
My in-laws are giving the boys Skylanders Trap Team and Disney Infinity. My mother in law is an awesome shopper and got a great deal on both of these products.

We are getting the boys some socks, underwear, some Characters to go with the Skylanders and the Disney Infinity.
There will also be a couple more board games, as we just LOVE playing games.

A few ideas for boys 5-8
  • Books
  • Legos
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Skylander Trap Team
  • Disney Infinity
  • Light Sabers
  • Board games
  • Cars, trains
  • Nerf guns and darts
  • Sports equipment
  • Walkie talkies
  • Spy gadgets30

Since the boys were little we have never opened gifts first thing. They have always been opened after we eat lunch.  Another things we do or don't do is buy gifts for each other. While everyone has their own opinion about this, we have chosen to spend that money on something we can both use and not wait for Christmas. Besides I might be pretty annoyed at opening an appliance on Christmas Day.
However I do have a wish list that I am always sharing on Amazon with everyone including hubby. Essential Oils are a big thing for me right now, along with some diffusers to help put them in the air.
We have just decided that it isn’t in our budget or our best interest to “keep up with the Jones.” The boys are happy healthy and loved. These gifts will be loved, played with and cared for. They will be appreciated.

What have you decided on giving your kids for Christmas?

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