They really do listen

I’ve always wondered if my boys really listen. I mean REALLY listen the way we are supposed to listen to God.
This weekend I got my answer. Before we left, I prayed over my boys. I asked God to watch over their joints, their head, their hearts and to guide their way.
My boys competed at NAGA {North American Grappling Association}. Actually our entire Team Corral competed, adults as well. There were so many of us that I had to coach Brent on one of the matches. My boys generally don’t like me coaching them. Mom gets way too excited and can “squeal” a lot.
But let me tell ya, I amazed myself! I even got a great coaching from the actual coach! Guess I’ learning too. Any how, Brent did amazing. He listened to every word I said. Every word! He moved how he was told, he placed his hands in the correct spots. He did AMAZING!

I am proud of how well Brent and Davin did. I am proud that they took the time to listen and complete each of the coaching suggestions that were given to them.
Now their listening just doesn’t mean here at the competition.
Since we’ve changed our eating habits, I’ve tried to explain to the boys what is good, bad and okay in moderation. Never really thinking they are listening. Ha! Never underestimate kids.
While at NAGA, the boys were hungry {when aren’t they} so Grandma Jan got them a hot dog, pop corn and Gatorade.
Davin told Gramma Jan, that hot dogs aren’t really good, but would be okay just for today. They aren’t the healthiest, but we can eat them every now and then. Pop Corn is a healthy snack Grandma, when it doesn’t have gobs of butter.
Gatorade had lots of sugar, but we need it right now because we are burning lots of it.
Oh boy… my words coming out of his mouth. I wonder what else comes out when I’m not listening…..

I ask that you guard my tongue and heart to set my boys on the right path.
Grace for today,
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