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Holy Smokes, it has been one year since we as a family decided to improve our health and our way of eating. So much has changed.

We are eating healthier. Yes we do enjoy eating out and have learned what to eat where and how much. We enjoy food. We savor the food now.

The boys are much happier.

Oh they still fight, rough house and are generally boys. However, there isn’t as much aggression, back talking and the sugar crashes.

We are doing wonderful in our Tae Kwon Do{TKD} and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu {BJJ}, and me with the Female Kickboxing/BeFit program. The boys are competing and learning that they won’t always win. It is a good thing. Davin is doing amazing with BJJ. Being 5 he is the youngest on the team and is really learning a lot. He even won his first competition. It doesn’t come without hard work though.

If you aren’t actively working out, walking, running, then healthy comes a lot harder I found. changing how we eat makes a difference too.

Without my support group it would be hard to stay on the path of real eating. I say real because we eat real and true. That doesn’t mean we don't have chocolate or some sugar, but we watch the amount we eat.

We started off small and have eventually learned that we ate way too many processed food, convenience foods. Now we sit together and decide what we want to eat and then we go get it.

I still drink coffee with half and half. Could I find something better? Sure, but I don’t want to with that. I just know that at a certain point, I stop drinking it in the morning.  There is so much out there on “healthy” eating, real foods, Whole foods, Dirty Dozen and so forth. Not everyone can afford those “real” foods, I know that for our family of 5, buying only organic is not possible. My boys love bananas, but I know that we can’t buy organic, so I buy regular. We love apples. They are a dirty dozen, so I just wash them. You can eat good food without breaking the bank.


Try not to focus on what others say you must do and focus on what you can do for your family.

Start small. Start by replacing one soda with 8 ounces of water. Then work your way to replacing all the soda. You will notice a difference.

Don’t give up hope.

Don't worry about the nay sayers. You can and will find a way to make your life last longer.

It took me years of adding this weight and I’m proud to say I have lost 75 pounds since starting this journey last year. I know the next year will have much more for me and my family.

Keep up the good work!

Grace for today,



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