Faith allows, not feelings



As I sit here, I think I want nothing more than to be better/ Better than I was yesterday. Definitely better than I was last week. Surely we could all be better. Therefore, I suppose it depends on your definition of better.

According to Merriam Webster better means:

  • greater than half <for the better part of an hour>
  •   improved in health or mental attitude <feeling better>
  • more attractive, favorable, or commendable <in better circumstances>
  • more advantageous or effective <a better solution>
  • improved in accuracy or performance <building a better engine>

None of these really makes me want to be better. Well, I want better health, better attitude, better body. All of the “outside” things. I guess what I want is a better attitude towards God and how he is molding and shaping me. I want o be better in God's eyes and not me or someone else’s.

I know that in order to do this, I have to allow myself to forgive, heal and allow God to do His will. No matter how I feel. Which is part of the problem.

I feel, does not allow for My faith.


My Faith allows God to move, not my feelings.

My Faith allows for forgiveness even when I “feel” I shouldn’t

My Faith allows me to overcome, when my feelings say to stay angry.

My Faith allows….

In the end isn’t that all that matters?


No matter what you are going through at the is moment in time, remember that your Faith in God will get you through the storm and through the good times.

God is with us in ALL that we do.

May your day be blessed by His presence.


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