Apples, apples and more apples



Everyone knows it is apple season.. and now pumpkin season. The orchards are open and everyone is clamoring to get there on the weekends. Not us.

Nope we went during the week! It was even more fun since Hubs went with us.

The Boys

Look at my boys and the 110 pounds of apples


Yes you read that right 110 pounds! What do you do with all that? Applesauce, jelly and juice is what you do with it. And eat them too!



Apple Juice


We canned 36 jars of Applesauce


10 jars of jelly


Thanks to Hubs we were able to take the wagon and carry all the apples. We also got 35 pounds of concord grapes and made jelly, jam and juice.


14 - 16

Check out all them grapes. {sorry I don’t have pics of the jelly, jam and juice}


None of this tough wouldn’t be possible without my Grams. She has taught me so much about canning and cooking.

14 - 13

Isn’t she amazing? At 82 years old  young she is still able to do almost all the things she has before. We are blessed to be able to still do things with her and learn from her. She has so much knowledge to hand to us I cannot wait to learn more.


What have you done this week?

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