An amazing Couple


39 years and in love more than ever!




These parents of mine are amazing. They have lasted much longer than most well anyone I know.

They are just as in love today as when they married, if not more so. My dad cherishes my mom. My mom cherishes my dad.


But it doesn’t mean they are perfect. It means they have enough respect for each other and their marriage to work out the problems that may arise between them.

Growing up we didn’t have fancy cars or clothes or everything our hearts desired. It means we grew up in a home where love was first and foremost.


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What a difference we are in these 2 pictures! We have grown so much and yet things feel the same. Our parents love us unconditionally.

We still don’t have much by the worlds standard. We are bountifully in God’s standard.

As I raise my boys, I want them to see the love their grandparents have and how hubs and I try to follow the same path they have chosen.

In a world where divorce is rampant, I can say with clarity my parents will outlast it all.


Seriously check this out! This is their 25th anniversary. To me this is my parents. Always laughing, smiling, full of joy.

There is nothing that can ever take away what they have. They are strong in God, their faith and their love.


Happy anniversary


Love you Mom and Dad!

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