A Prayer Challenge

If you are a football fan, you have probably heard by now that Ray Rice has been relieved of his football duties. While I have never been a victim of physical abuse, I have been of verbal abuse.
My heart hurts for all involved, even Ray Rice. "New" evidence has come to light about his and his now wife and the situation that caused this ordeal. Ray Rice was a man who many looked up to, a role model. While we don't want our children to idolize people, we always want them to understand they are just that people.

People with issues that we never really see or understand because they have to keep most things hidden for fear of backlash from players, teammates, sponsors and even regular ole Joes like us. I think that having to be a "perfect" person can cause some issues. Having to look, be and act perfect can cause people to break. Having a life where God isn't first will eventually lead to problem we cannot handle on our own.

I don't know if the sentence of being banned from football is right or even the best response. What I do know is that he needs prayer and help. He needs counseling. He needs strong people to stand in the gap for him. He needs our love and grace the same as God gives us. It matters not what his job is or who he is. It matters where his heart his.

It is not for us to judge him, but to love him and cry out to God for him.

Where is your heart at?
I challenge you to find 3 people who have hurt you or are hurting and pray for them everyday for the entire month of September.

Grace and Mercy for today,

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