Almost time to start.....

School is fast approaching and this week we are starting to get the boys ready for that fact.
This week there will be no more morning Wii U time. We will be putting away all electronics that aren't designed and used for our school day. The boys will be able to keep their Kindles, but they can only play on educational apps or read books. This morning we are starting our day by doing some arts and crafts. Nothing major, just fun stuff. Cutting paper into tiny bits and just gluing them randomly on the sheet.

With the start of school coming around the corner, I need to make sure that I have the boys snacks, lunch and dinner planned and ready. Just makes the day easier.
This year we are going to try some new lunch/snack ideas.
I have some Apple sandwiches, Ants on a Log, whole wheat donuts [non-fried], pin wheels, fruit kabobs and some yogurt parfaits.

I am trying to ensure that most of the food we are eating are whole foods or non- processed foods. That doesn't mean I stick to it rigorously, I just try the best that I can.
Garlic Chicken, Stuffed Peppers, Cheeseburger kabobs, ham slices and potatoes, Lasagna, Chicken skewers, beef & broccoli.

When do you start school? Or have you? What are some of your go to meal ideas?

I'd love to hear from you....

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