To the other Ladies in our lives



Mother’s Day a wonderful day to celebrate your mom, a mom, a mom to be or even your lady friends. I say Lady friends and not girl friends because I’m trying to sound “proper” Yeah it’s not working!

We make a big wonderful deal out of Mothers day because we love our Moms and why not they’ve been there for everything.

What about those “other” ladies in your life? The Aunts who don’t have children, the girlfriend who helps you with your kids? They may have their reasons for not having children, but that doesn’t mean that in some way they aren’t a Mother too. Just a different kind of Mother.

I am thankful for these ladies in our lives. They can make a difference. In me, in my boys, even in my extended family.

I have one friend whom I am so lucky to have found. I actually found her via a  {gasp!}.. Babysitting site! I was looking for help with my 3 young/toddler boys. They were infant, 2 and 3. She has been with me for ever it seems. Not really, just 5 years.

Man that’s about half my marriage.


She has done the waterpark with us every year since the boys could go. She has been to BMX games, birthday parties, and more.

the boys

Look at them boys! Aren’t they sweet

Then she became a mom to the most precious little boy in the world! He lights up our lives. We enjoy having him over, running around, playing, getting into things. It is a blast!

Family courtesy of Amanda Ladd

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Ladd


She wasn’t always a mom in the sense as we expect it to be, but she has been a mom to my boys. So as you are going about your day, don’t forget those special girls in your life who have made a difference in yours and your kids. Tell them Happy Mothers Day as well. Thank them for being your friend and in helping to guide your children.


Davin and TommyTommyTommy with brent


You also can’t blame me for really becoming her friend look at what kind of Football fan she is:

tommy rodgers

A true friend is a Packer fan!


Have a Happy Mother’s Day

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