Nature, Birds, sticks ~King of the Tree



Yesterday was absolutely amazing. It was a gorgeous day here in the Midwest! I am so happy that Spring is really here and we are slowly moving into Summer.

The boys did their math in the morning and then we, well I decided we needed to be outside. Where better to go than to Grandma’s house! My boys love going there.

To me schooling is all about flexibility. Being able to choose what to learn, when and where. It is okay if that doesn't happen at a desk or in a book. Sometimes the best learning is not even knowing you are doing it.

Here are some of the things we did and saw.



caleb and the creek

Walking next to the creek and just enjoying the quiet.


bird watching

Bird watching ( trying to look for birds)


Deer bones2

We found Deer Bones. That then led to a discussion as to why they were there and how they got there.


more birds

Male Oriole at the feeder.


King of the tree

Of course nothing in the woods is complete without a big stick, “chopping” down a tree and declaring yourself King of the Tree!


You can try to replicate this type of learning, but we like the real thing! So much fun to be had when you take your leaning outside!


What did you do today?

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