I’m not perfect… I have failed



There are many things I could be or should be doing right now, but I feel as if there really isn’t enough time in the day and that means I have too much on my plate.


As we were doing our work yesterday, Caleb said maybe one day we’ll get to do this. As I came over, I realized they were playing. And they were mimicking what they heard come out of our mouths.

It startled me to say the least. I never realized at times how often we say this about most anything. I don’t want my boys to remember the what ifs. I want them to remember the play the learning the being with them or doing with them.

We’ve made it a rule not to have phones at lunch or dinner. We’ve been trying to make it a point to stop what we are doing and look at our boys while they talk, same as we expect of them for us. How can we expect certain behaviors from them if we don’t give it to them?

I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be. I do know my boys and how they react and how I react. Lately it hasn’t been good. I’ve been distracted, annoyed, many other things except focusing on my boys. It shows. In their talk to each other, to me, to dad, and to other people.

We’ve addressed this. We implemented a no raised voice rule and a nice voice. We get mad, angry hurt whatever. We are learning to stop take a breath, walk away {letting the other person know we need to walk away} and then come back. We usually don’t wait too long on this though as children can forget what the issue is if you go too long.


It doesn’t work all the time. It does work though as we are learning when others are getting upset and to stop right away before we say or do hurtful things.

It does seem that with all the things going on lately that this issue is bigger than just my home.


The Better Mom blog has a post about 40 Ways to Be Present in Your Childs Day. Seems as if we aren’t spending enough time listening to them and just brushing them off as we are “too busy”. I’m not saying that wither way is right or wrong. But it must be something  if many are talking/writing about it. Here is another article about incorporating your child in your day.


I love my boys, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get upset, angry, or any other myriad of emotions that happen. What it means is that I need a time out. A time to recoup. Go to the bathroom by myself! Can I get an AMEN!


As my boys are getting older they are changing. Their wants, needs, how they love me and even speak to me. They won’t always be babies or toddlers or small children. I have to teach them to speak in a correct manner. Respect others when they are talking. If I don’t respect them when they talk how can I except it of them.


We’ve started our days by doing a daily devotional book geared for boys.


This has been a help to our day. Making sure that we are present together and praying. Even if it is just to have a good day and help us with our attitudes. Sometimes, the lesson helps with an issue we had the day or two before.

Of course as a mom and teacher to my boys I will sometimes take the verse and have them write it out or we try to memorize it for the week. You can always learn something. Even as a parent.


I hope you’ve stayed with my rambling. If you’re here Thank you! Thank you for listening to the crazy spouting of a mom who doesn’t know whether her days are never ending or so glad they are over.

Where are you with your kids? Do you have struggles? How do you manage?

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