Bumps, stitches and a graduate



Well this has been an interesting past week. My youngest decided he wanted to join the ranks of “scar men”


Awesome sauce right! Well Little Man ended up needing 5, yep 5 stinking stitches. What was worse, the numbing meds didn’t work and we had to poke him with a needle to add the numbing stuff. He screamed the entire time. Can ya blame him though?


Here is a few more pictures from the E.R.

askingabout the whitething on thumb                              watching the bpmachine

Checking out the Blood pressure and heart rate monitor machines. Poor nurse got bombarded with questions. She was a good sport though.


Big Brother trying to make him feel better.



Then we went and watched Uncle rich graduate from Law School. He now joins the real world! We are so proud of him and all he has accomplished.


rih official

It’s Official!


So now we wait for Thursday when we get the stitches out. Good things it’s just in time for Memorial Day when we will spend a lot of our time outside in the dirt!


How is your week shaping up?

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