Where Ya been?



Sorry things here have been quiet. We have been sick for the last few weeks and it has made doing anything just about impossible.

When I say we, I mean ALL 5 of  us, plus my parents, then my in laws this week. This bug that has hit has been crazy! People at our church have it, it seems once the weather turned nice, it just hit hog crazy here.

I mean where in the world besides the Midwest can you go from –1 to 50* the next day, back to the 20’s then back up again. in ONE week people! It’s just not right!


The boys are on a new math though and WOW has it helped! Teaching Textbooks is totally awesome. At least here it is. Math was such a struggle for us all. Once I stumbled onto this, I had him do the practice and he did ALL of them – without stopping. That is a miracle. He would usually start fitting up after the 3rd one or so.

He was ready to go bright and early in the morning for MATH! One happy Momma here.


We’re still doing All About Reading and All About Spelling. However, this Momma is looking for something new. Any ideas?


So as our week continues we will be working on Geography this week and doing some Art.

We will also be reading more in the mornings and staying up later and Hubs is working nights a couple nights this week and it’s just as easy to work with his schedule as it is to keep ours.


Have you changed anything in the last few months? What is working for you I’d love to know.



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