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You just never know who God will throw in your path.


I do mean throw… Tuesday night is our Adult 40+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class at Corral’s Martial Arts. Usually I am “stuck” working with Hubby as he and I are the same rank. However, there was another couple there and I would work with her.

I don’t know her name, I never even introduced myself. How awful is that? We’ve seen each other in passing at Corrals, we’ve said hi, exchanged chit chat, but nothing else.

As we are in the locker room changing, we start talking. She commented about how they went to the movies earlier and really enjoyed God's Not Dead. I replied.. It’s nice to be a Spring Break huh.

Now we aren’t on Spring Break. We just well take breaks because we can

{great to be a homeschooler}.

She looked at me a bit weird and said yes it is nice. Then asked if we were on Spring Break to which I replied.. not really just a break.

Now I generally don’t like to tell people we are homeschoolers.. you just get so many negatives and oh my really? What do you do about socialization? Really we are at a Martial Arts Academy and you want to know how they socialize??


There are so many things I could have said but I said the first thing that came into my head

“We’re one of them crazy schoolers. We like to teach our kids at home”


It was a bit quiet and she busted out laughing. Like rolling laughing. After she caught her breath, she said. ME TOO!

I never expected to encounter another homeschooler out of the blue. It was a wonderful feeling,  Ya know why?

We could talk about what we do and don’t do. What we use and don’t use and UNDERSTAND what the other is actually talking about.


I am glad to know that I’m not really alone in what I’m teaching my kids or trying to get them to learn.

We had a fun time on the mat. It was nice to actually be able to work with another girl and be able to actually “DO” the moves. It’s a bit hard to throw your hubby around when he’s a bit stronger than you are : –)

I thank God that he is always putting new people in my path. People I can connect to and relate to.


Who has he put in your path lately?

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  1. We started homeschooling last year. At the time, we didn't know it but we recently found out that our neighbor (as in right across the street) is a retired math teacher. Can you say blessing? SHE is definitely a God send. :)

  2. I love it when God gives us people to connect with in the places we least expect it.
    Stephany from Freshly Squeezed Lemonaid sent me over, I'll be back for sure! Congrats onyour award!

    1. Thanks for heading over! I hope you enjoy the blog.


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