End of the week wrap up



Here comes the weekend!

Man I am so glad for this week to be over. It has felt like an eternity.  We are so busy in the evenings, I wonder how summer will be.

We are at Corral’s Martial Arts 6 days a week. The boys BMX on Friday nights. I’m thinking we may be letting a night go so we can just do nothing.


My parents finally have running water.. yeah for the warm-up though it is going to be turning a bit cold again. Seriously over winter.


We bought the boys new twin beds, got rid of the bunks. So much nice in their room right now. Gotta love IKEA!


I shall be treating myself this weekend to a pedicure, haircut and some me time. It’s been a while since I’ve had a haircut. More than a year to be exact. Almost 2.



We’ve been doing great with our healthy lifestyle change. I still have about 65 lbs to lose and am hoping to do it before summer {yeah right} But I’m feeling better and have way more energy. The boys are loving it too as we are now “doing” more together.

That always helps this Momma. I love being and playing with the boys. I’ll be glad when we can actually go outside and not have winter gear on our bodies.



That about wraps up our week. How about you? Do you have any weekend plans?

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