Proud of Who I am.. Are you?


Wow this week seems to have just flown by! We were sick Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday still had some lingering sickness. I took and clean every surface I could, washed all the sheets, blankets, pillows, all the good stuff that can harbor illness or germs. Then I stepped on the scale!


HOLY COW I am so proud of myself! I’ve lost 10 pounds since October, which is when we started Taekwondo at Corral’s Martial Arts.

Then I start hearing all this about Biggest Loser winner Rachel. I’m not saying what was done was good or bad. We don’t know truly whether she is healthy or not. It is not up to us to judge. It is up to us to make sure as we are preparing to enter into a healthy lifestyle or continuing on one, we do not follow the same path. Stay informed. Use BMI Calculators. It is a good tool, but not the end all of be all. What it says may be healthy could make you look sickly. Use YOUR best judgment as to what is healthy. Not what an overall calculator says. We aren’t all the same. What about the Olympic athletes? Could you consider some of them sickly? Unhealthy?




We need to stop worrying about what the world says is beautiful and look inside ourselves. I am not small, skinny or even remotely healthy. But I am okay with that. Why? I’m working on it. I am a work in progress and every step that I take in Taekwondo, or every step I take cleaning the house, doing laundry, walking, playing outside etc. It is another step towards my goal of being healthy. DO I wish I could make myself perfect with a snap of my fingers, sure. Would I be happy? No probably not. Then I wouldn’t be satisfied.


My hubby didn’t marry me because I was skinny. He married me because he loved me on the inside. Do I want to be skinny? I don’t know. I DO know I want to be healthy and happy.

Right now I’m happy working my way to healthy.


What about you? How do you perceive Biggest Loser and the apparent *need* to be thin?

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