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I have to ay this seems to be a very long week. Could be that we were getting up crazy early to watch the Olympics! We watched the Men’s Half-pipe. A huge hit here!

Once this was over we talked about how it was built, could it be done without snow and can we make one for our finger boards?? Of course I say! okay not really, but I did say, “Well; let’s see what we can find on Google about the half pipe and how it’s made.


Here is what I found:




This is called a Pipe Monster. Looks pretty wicked huh? Yeah, we thought so too. They used this in Sochi to build the half pipe for the snowboarders.

According to Zaugg America’s website here are the specs on the machine:

Power: Single hydraulic motor

Speed: Up to 25 feet per minute (Average 900 feet per hour)

Lateral Movement: 5.9'

Mounting: Quick mount to push frame of cat

Weight: approx. 3250 lbs

Size: Either 18' or 22' wall height

For real??

This thing really is a monster!

What does it take to build a halfpipe? LOTS of snow. Ya know the stuff we are all sick of seeing and pouring down on us.

Wiki has been a great source for us and we are learning about halfpipes, snowboarding and where the best ones are located.

We found a website that shows us how to build a halfpipe. Of course immediately the boys wanted to know if Papa could build one. He has a big enough yard. Huh, that’s an option, but I don’t think it a good idea. I’d probably never get them to come home.


I’m thinking maybe we could try to build one out of craft sticks first. You know so we can use our finger boards before we try out our real bodies!

Then we talked about snowboarding and how you have to have lots of balance, guts and no be afraid of heights or speed.  I get three AWESOME! When will I learn they are all about the adventure? Here is a complete history of snowboarding.

Did you know the first evidence of snowboarding started in the 1910’s? Me either. It didn’t officially become a Winter Olympic sport until 1988 though. Huh, imagine all the stuff we are learning and we aren’t in a classroom or even at a desk! I LOVE IT.


We’ve learned a lot too watching the Olympics. Life isn’t fair. Not everyone wins. Even though you may be the best, you don’t always win Gold. Look at Shaun White. He placed 4th and was excepted to get gold. What about the girl who fell? Just because you make a great team doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to win.


We’ve learned that we are NOT fans of figure skating. We LOVE the Nordic, Hockey {especially the women’s team, which has several Badgers on it}, anything with skiing, and Skeleton.

What surprised me the most was how many American’s are participating, the number of events going on and the number of nations involved.

There are 98 events with 12 of them being new this year. There are 88 Nations involved this year. The most so far. The United States has 230 ~yep 230~ Olympians this year.  Here are the top 6 States:

California (20)
Colorado (19)
Minnesota (19)
New York (18)
Utah (15)
Wisconsin (15)


Kind of interesting. at least it was for us.

How have you spent your last week?


I’d love for you to leave a comment and tell us.


  1. Last I heard the U.S. Hockey team won! We have been snowed in here in the Southeast. We felt the tremors of an earthquake last night that originated in Edgington, SC. We have baked cookies, made soup and worked on business for the vineyard. I am working on a crochet pattern, while hubby watches t.v. Being that we are not accustomed to much snow, we had a bit of cabin fever. So, going to the grocery store last night was a social event.

    I never knew that snowboarding began in the1910's. Learning the origin of things we know today (or even forgotten) is always fascinating.

    1. Yes we knew later the mens team beat Russia. The women lost to Canada. We are used to snow living in the Midwest.

  2. I'm not a 'huge' winter Olympics fan but I do enjoy the skating and mens hockey. I know not everyone goes home
    with a medal, but they are all winners... the BEST of what their country has to offer, they are ALL Olympians and
    amazingly talented individuals and teams. I watched some crazy jumping thingamajiggy last night.. it was pretty cool..
    Although if I was a mom, I think I would forbid my child from ever doing something that would give me a heart attack!
    The parents of Olympians have hearts of 'gold' medals and nerves of steal.. !!

    1. Im . Used to my boys and their crazy ideas! Since we get snow more than summer we've learned to like snow.

  3. There's some interesting information in this post! Sounds like you guys have learned alot this past week! We haven't watched any of the Olympics but this makes me want to!

  4. This is so cool! We aren't watching the Olympics, but there are some cool things to share with my guy here! Thanks for the inspiration!


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