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Temps here have been crazy cold. Like –4 with a windchill of –25! Not normal I didn’t ask to be relocated to Alaska.. or the Arctic.. 

With the temps so cold and the crazy snow that has been dumped on us, there have been many many accidents.

Here is the 20 inches we got dumped on us on Tuesday.

IMG_20140121_110700Major Snow

It’s a bit hard to tell but that’s a LOT of stinking snow.

Then yesterday there was a major accident on a major highway in our area.


Here is one photo:

Click on the picture and you can read about the story.

In this photo provided by the Indiana State Police, emergency crews work at the scene of a massive pileup involving about 15 semitrailers and about 15 passenger vehicles and pickup trucks along Interstate 94 Thursday afternoon, Jan. 23, 2014 near Michigan City, Ind. At least three were killed and more than 20 people were injured. (AP Photo/Indiana State Police)


This is awful. We are living in a time where more and more things will be happening. We need to start praying for our nation, our states, our neighbors. These drivers went from clear to white out in seconds!

We are due to get hit again with heavy snow and more frigid temps. These birth pangs are not fun. But I do know that God will look out for his people, we just have to get on our knees and call out to him.


What will be your prayer today?


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