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I have to say that even though I homeschool and I LOVE being home with my kids, the last few days have been brutal. I’m thinking that since I *know* we’re stuck inside, things are more intense.

We’ve gotten a bit frustrated.

So What does a Momma do when the house is in a state of unrest? We play indoor Olympics! The boys aren’t fans of curling, but they like the idea of sliding something across the floor.

So we played shuffleboard. We talked about how true shuffleboard is played. Do you know there are several different ways to play? I didn’t.

So we set up a box as the base, used my bracelets and off we played.

olympic shuffleboard strategyOlympic shuffleboard

Here they are talking strategy and then letting the “rings” go.

We also looked at some online Shuffleboard videos.


There are some great resources out too about the upcoming Olympics that we plan to use for our study.

Some great ones can be found below.

3 Dinosuars- Winter Olympic Pack

Enchanted Homeschooling Mama – Winter Olympic Study

Only Passionate Curiosity – Winter Olympic Study

Knowledge Quest has a Olympic Country book when you sign up.


Here is my Pinterest board as well.


What is your favorite part of the Olympics?

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