Deep Freeze ‘14


Holy Moly! If you aren't in the Midwest you aint seen nothing with this Polar Arctic stuff! We have weather at –14* with a wind chill of –40*. People this is COLD!


They closed our major roads!

Like seriously put out barricades and everything! Closed us down! Here are some pictures of our house and surrounding area.



Hubster got stuck in the snow coming home from work. The roads weren’t plowed.


Sundaynight2014 sundaynight20142

Sunday night as the storm was heading in.


Monday2014 backyard2014

The snow stuck it was about 5.5 inches on the roof. Step out side and it was –11* outside without a windchill. The windchill was about –33*

backyard fronttree 2014closeupfronttree 

How our yard looked Monday afternoon


This is some crazy weather we are having. It’s so cold you can get frostbite in less than 10 minutes!

Hope everyone else is staying safe!



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