A Time to Relax


Well, I had hoped that I would be done with the wrapping, the festivities and just be able to relax for the next two days. I can and will, but I do have to wrap some past minute gifts for family. Nothing too big, just some fun stuff we got.


I am wondering though, do you and your spouse trade gifts Hubby and I do not. It is not as if we don’t need/want something, but we just wait until we can get it for a good price and somehow, Christmas doesn’t really seem to be the best price for things we need. Like a new computer. I am fairly certain we can find one cheaper AFTER Christmas.

We have only gotten the boys a couple gifts this year. Some Skylanders and some Legos! LOVE Legos! Apparently they do too!

We have never really made a big deal out of presents on Christmas. In fact, we don’t even open our presents until late in the afternoon, after lunch. Somewhere around 4ish. For us it tends to help with it not to  be all about the presents.


When do you open presents?


Grace only for today,



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