My Monday Menu


Whew! Where on earth did the weekend go?? It seems like it was here then gone. Living in the Midwest, we had some horrible storms in the area. Some 50+ tornadoes rolled throughout the Midwest. Pray for the areas who were damaged. I thank God we are okay and only lost power.


Anywho, here is my plan for the week. No too different from last week, but some changes.

Breakfasts- Cinnamon Roll Waffles ( have a post about this soon), Pancakes, cereal, bagels & cream cheese

Lunch – PB&J, Tomatoe soup, Veggie soup, and ham & Hawaiian bread sandwiches

Dinner- Stuffed Peppers, tacos & burritos, spaghetti, lasagna, Chicken Wings

Dessert ~ Candy Cane Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownies, Peanut Butter Cookies



What are your plans for the week? Any new recipes I should try?


Thankful for the Grace for today,


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