Mini Cinnamon Waffles

Mini Cinnamon Roll Waffles….


I have seen this floating around Pinterest and thought I had to try and make them! We LOVE Cinnamon rolls. It is a shame they aren’t a major food group. I have to say I really wasn’t sure that they would come out. There are just some things that don’t work from Pinterest ya know.



I got out my trusty waffle maker, opened a can of cinnamon rolls.

laying it all out

Don’t mind the potatoe, I think he was feeling left out :)


Then we starting adding them to the waffle maker.

popping in the rolls

We did out one roll to each area.


The result:

Cinnamon Roll waffles


Don’t they look AMAZING!!! I tried to capture it with all 4, but my kids were a bit anxious to try it out.

This is something we will be doing again and again I’m sure.

What have you tried from Pinterest lately?

Leave a comment a let me know what to try.

Grace and Love for today, Kelli

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