Warning—Rambling and Venting


I’m not the smartest person in the world. Since homeschooling the boys, I’ve read more, become aware of more and well, just learning more right along with them.

I’ve never really been a political kinda gal, never had an inclination to really understand why our Government fights and blah blah. However, the last few months I have delved into why we have a debt ceiling, what is used for and why Congress and everyone else is fighting.I’ve never been  Republican or Democrat though I have to declare each time and I will say each time it is different. It depends on who is running and yada yada…

What I can say is that these last few years have been awful! I have never heard so much bickering and fighting between ADULTS! Not only in Congress, but by our President as well. I realize now that in order to be a politician, you must have LOTS of money and lie to everyone. It didn’t use to be that way. When did we become so much about money and not about the people?

When did we as people, decide to just let everyone else make the decision for us? When will we come out of our shells and make sure that those who are in Congress FOR LIFE, {which is dumb by the way} and make them listen to us?

This government shut down seems to me to be dumb! If there really was a shut down, then our taxes wouldn’t be taken out, they wouldn’t be paid as they are part of the government and what about our military? Are they not funded by the government?

What does the money everyone is fighting over go towards? Obviously not paying our bills as we continuously have to raise the amount we borrow? Is there a budget we can see that is 100% itemized? Why is does our government get to be so secretive about its spending when we as the people who are paying cannot?


I have been trying very hard to understand the workings of our government. I have found that I cannot. It isn’t as cut and dry as textbooks make it. There isn’t an easy way for them to do stuff because they don’t want easy. Do they want to keep their cushy jobs. It may not all be easy peasy, but I can say this fighting is OBNOXIOUS!


My kids don’t get to get away with fighting. Why are we allowing our government? The next people we vote in, may not be all that great either, but this Government War shouldn’t be the one thing that other countries are watching us fight over. Oh how they are laughing at us I’m sure. We are not the powerhouse we once were with all this in-fighting.


I know that all this is part of a bigger plan. One that I don’t understand, but will come to pass in the near future. What I do hope and want is to pray that my children will not have to endure this for much longer.

Thanks for reading my rant/vent my opinion.


I’ll gladly listen to polite conversation and opinions, but will not tolerate any bashing.


Have a GREAT day!

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