The Pacific visit




Oh how I love being home. Sure I love vacations. Being with family, spending time doing stuff together. But I love our routine.

This vacation was part memorial, part family vacation. While there we met family for the first time, explored a new place and also relaxed.


One of the first things we did.. go play in the ocean.



Doesn’t he look relaxed! He needed this time away from home.

The following are just a smattering of the fun we had that day at the ocean! I won’t bore you with more pictures but we enjoyed that day of relaxing.

I am in the sand! MUD! stadning in the wave break area going out deeper waves feet! lovely view pacific ocean 

 Sand! bury me!

Over the next few days I will bore you with our visits to the Air & Space Museum and Ripley’s believe it or not, the Zoo { which was AWESOME!} Our trip to the USS Midway. We did  more learning than I thought we would and was amazed at what the boys did learn.


Have a great day!

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  1. Aw geez, makes me miss Florida :) We'll just have to make do with the lake here in land-locked KS.

  2. I love living by the beach! Here in So. Cali, we have desert, mountain, Hollywood, San Diego, and Mexico, all within a 2-hour drive. It's awesome and relaxing. I'm with you though, as much as I love a vacation, the simple home routine is a comfort. :)

    Life With Lorelai

    1. Yes it is beautiful, but I am very much a flatlander!

  3. I felt more relaxed just looking at your photos! What a great opportunity for your family.

    1. Thanks we enjoyed our time away. But enjoy being home too.

  4. Nothing better than toes in the sand. Ahhhhhh. Reminds me of my wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica!

    1. Oh Jamaica.. We may have to visit there for our 10th anniversary.

  5. I do LOVE the beach! (Of course, I live in Florida, it's mandatory! LOL) But there's nothing quite like it! And I do enjoy hearing about vacations, so I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts!


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